What is this thing called Firefly Finds?

Firefly Finds is that which will enable me to continue buying cool stuff at estate auctions and tag sales and still stay married.

Just kidding

Not really kidding.

I love old stuff, always have. And I love perusing yard sales, estate sales and online auctions to look for treasures. 

My husband however does not appreciate the stuff that gets piled up around the house for future use. Someday.

In his defense, it IS true that I have a marble top in the hayloft of the barn. I have pictures, tables, vintage grain sacks and all kinds of goodies in the basement. For years.

My husbands ultra organized OCD-style brain objects. 

SO I saw a perfect opportunity to legitimize my habit! 
Two of the investment properties we bought are going to be short term rentals. Airbnb, VRBO – that sort of thing. So here we are with a whole house and an apartment that need to be furnished.

So I started thinking. What IF the guests could buy stuff if they wanted? I mean, I don’t really care if they do or don’t but I could make the option available. Create a notebook with pictures of the items for sale with pricing and how to pay. A self serve cool stuff store. 

And the best part? If someone buys a ‘thing’ that thing needs to be replaced. So off to the nearest antique store, estate sale or auction I go. WIN WIN! 

There will be some items that are NFS – not for sale. Like the rooster painting that my aunt gave me that is gracing the walls of the original Chester VT house. Mitts off! 

Maybe someday I’ll put items here on this website but for right now, I got too much shit going on folks! 

But, now you know what Firefly Finds IS. Follow along on the IG as I generally post some of my findings and the ridiculousness that is going to pick this stuff up…
Awesome vintage sweater
Pile ‘o cool stuff…

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