The truth about starting a new ‘thing’ and why there’s a big lesson to be learned from NWA.

I follow a lot of people on the IG. Inspirational types and what would be called ‘influencers’ and I do see a mirage – an inaccurate portrayal that the world can look really glamorous and wonderful. 

Even for the personalities that are more genuine, great things seem to be happening to them that can leave the viewer – the person just starting out – feeling inadequate; daunted. As if they are staring up at an elephants ass that they are trying to push up a flight of stairs. And that elephant has gas. (Yes cue the REM fans who recognized the allusion to ‘The Great Beyond’)

So I’m here to tell you the truth.

Getting started is a fucking shitshow! And as I type this on my phone in ‘notes’ I have to add: “No Siri, I’m not talking about a shot show. I really mean a SHIT SHOW.” (I don’t even know what a shot show is???

Everything is hard. Getting followers. It’s sort of like pulling teeth and there’s always going to be some creepy guy messaging you ‘hey beautiful’ Fuck off scammer!

But also – the business of it all. I bought three renovation/investment properties at the same time. WTF was I thinking! So my accountant said to have a separate LLC in each state for ease of accounting. So now i have 3 LLCs. Two real estate and one for ‘Firefly Finds’ 

Then you have to apply for state tax IDs.

Then try to get bank accounts set up. I spent a half hour at one bank when they told me I couldn’t open an account because the VT LLC is based in VT. (WTF?) so I went back to my attorney. Days wasted, turns out the bank representative misunderstood a change in policy.

But that’s my point. Everything is hard. EVERYTHING.

Quick books. Well If you have ONE LLC you’re in luck because you can get Quickbooks online which has receipt tracking and a mileage tracker built in. So convenient!

But I took my accountants advice and have multiple. So I have to use the desktop version unless I want to pay separately for each every month. Which when all is said and done would be almost the full cost of the desktop version, only monthly. Ummmmm…. what???? AND – no mileage tracker, no receipt tracking. Grrrrrrr…..

So as I was sorting all this out, I’m spending money. Without the bank accounts for each LLC set up, without quick books running smoothly. 
Luckily I will say I’ve been keeping my receipts pretty organized- a miracle for me… 

And don’t get me started about the schedule nightmare that has been dealing with the oil company that services one of the Vermont houses. I have wasted many hours on more than one occasion waiting for a technician only to find that they rescheduled my appointment but just didn’t tell me.

And there’s more but you get the picture. Shitshow. 

So I tell you all this minutia to tell you what NWA tried to tell you all those years ago.


Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, whatever dream you have that you haven’t chased after yet – just know – it’s going to be messy and hard and frustrating. It’s not just you, you don’t suck. It’s just LIFE and starting new things is hard. I feel like so many people I talk to are hesitant to launch something, try a new job, a new career because they think they have to achieve perfection out of the gate. Here’s the truth: NO ONE DOES!!! Everyone deals with the same bullshit – they just don’t always talk about it and it doesn’t make for a shiny happy Instagram picture so it’s not what you see.

But if it’s your dream and your goal, it’s worth it isn’t it? So embrace the suck and go do your doings. Take all the bullshit in stride and power through it like a big girl. And maybe be honest about it so others will be inspired to do whatever it is that they’ve been suppressing because of those glam interweb celebs that make everything look so fab. It’s. Just. Not. Fabulous. But it IS fabulously perfect to be chasing your dream. 
Me in Vermont, unshowered. Because I can’t bring myself to turn on the water heater for one day a week. THIS is real life, people!

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