Part of my goal with social media and this blog itself is to promote the local small businesses here in Chester. A former small business owner myself. Errrr. I guess now again a small business owner, I am passionate about supporting small businesses and the communities and ecosystems they support.

The other night I was in Vermont and I was hungry. Now, food is important to me. REALLY important. I LOVE good food. And if you don’t feed me and feed me well, then lookout ‘cuz you wouldn’t want to be around me. The devil comes out for reals. Creative menus, adventurous pairings, THAT’S my jam. Eating out is a hobby that my husband and I take very seriously.

As residents of Connecticut, we have access to a plethora of amazing restaurants with creative menus and excellent, talented chefs. Well I am thrilled to report that Chester Vermont is no different!

Enter Free Range.

This restaurant is located right on the Chester village green. Its cozy and welcoming and the food is amayyyyyzing. Thursday night my life instantly got better with the complimentary and delicious hummus and fresh pita chip snack. Then I had the hot pot – a delicious ramen bowl with fresh local pork belly. You can choose vegetarian or add pork, chicken or shrimp. YUM.

The friendly and talented mixologist filled me in on the details. The premise of the restaurant itself is local. They source their ingredients in town or nearby as much as possible. They even have farm nights where they set a large horseshoe table in the main dining area and invite their local suppliers to come in and talk about how they got started, their mission and their business. These events are very popular so If you’re interested in one, plan ahead!

They have theme nights like Tavern night where their burgers are all $10 (except Wagyu of course) and they even open early on Sunday for brunch. YAYYYY!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!

More great news – this piece of wonderfulness is exactly one mile from the house!

Check them out on their website and be sure to read through the menu. You will not be disappointed!

I will be a regular here so if you see me sitting at the bar, pull up a stool and let’s toast the Vermont way –  over a Mad River Old Fashioned. *Fun fact! Mad River is distilled in Vermont!

Happy eating!

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