Renovations: where vision meets goals

Anyone who has taken on a renovation of any kind – a bathroom, a kitchen, even a deck – knows the feeling. You’ve got a vision but right now you’re staring at a sh*t ton of work to do. You are filled with excitement and anticipation because you have a detailed picture in your mind about how it will turn out but the work hasn’t even started so you also have the anxiety and yes, dread that comes with knowing there is a long road to travel until you get there.

But isn’t this like any goal in life? It starts with an idea, and a picture of how something can be. You can visualize what life will be like when it’s accomplished. For home renovation it’s a fresh new space and your minds eye probably already has furniture placed and pictures hung. In life goals it’s imagining clothes shopping when you drop that extra weight or the feeling you’ll have when you finish that degree that you’ve been working towards.

Between your goal and your current reality lies the work. All that needs to happen is to DO the doing and commit to accomplishing what you set out to do. Along the way is managing influences and obstacles. Staying nimble and adjusting when things come up that you weren’t expecting. For renovation its deciding on the fly what to do when you learn you can’t take down a wall because it’s load bearing. Or that certain materials you had your heart set on aren’t going to work because of the conditions of your environment.

Keeping the flexibility and creativity flowing so you can focus on the bigger picture and goal is the secret to success. In life goals it’s the same. You’ve been working on fitness and weight loss but now you’ve injured your knee. You’re two classes away from finishing your degree but your work hours changed and now you’ve got conflict problems. The ability to stay focused on the goal no matter what and find alternate paths to reach it are a matter of mindset and attitude above everything else.

I write this pretty pensive piece because I am at the stage where I’m SUPER excited for the work to begin. I have a definite vision of how the place WILL be and It’s Freaking. Awesome. BUT I am priming my mental state for the issues that I KNOW will come up. The other day I met with an electrician. I know that some of the pictures of this house look pretty good but I’m telling ya – that barn area tho! In addition to all it’s other issues, there are wires everywhere and some of it ain’t good. After quietly looking around for a while, the electrician who is clearly a mild mannered, kind man turned to me and said “So. You regret this yet?” I had to laugh because I’ve been through projects before and I know where he’s coming from. All I said was “Not yet but give me a few weeks”

I WON’T regret this purchase – it brings my family back to our Vermont roots and as I said before: Its. Freaking. Awesome. AND as with any goal that is to be successful, I have a clear vision. I’ve done my homework and I have absolute certainty about how it will turn out. The obstacles are yet to be known, the adjustments and re-thinking of certain pieces of the plan are yet to be discovered. But for me my current state is:


If you’re in the midst of your journey and staring face to face with those challenges – whether its home renovation, battling to stick to your new year’s resolution or facing a stumbling block in your career, step back and look at the big picture and your main goal. Imagine what the finished product will look and feel like. Do that a lot. Tweak your execution plan where needed. It WILL get you back on track and remind your brain why you started on your path to begin with. Then get back in the battle and do the doing.

The barn. I mean, yikes.
Jusssst a lil’ bit of work to do

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