I felt like I was in the Eminem song ‘Lose yourself’

His (*her in this case) palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on his (*her) sweater already, mom’s spaghetti
He’s (*She’s) nervous, but on the surface he (*She) looks calm and ready

Ahhhh, not really.

But I WAS ready to get this day over with. Like, REA-DY. Nephew and horse trailer full of furniture in tow, we set out to Vermont to FINALLY close on our first project – Firefly Annex in Chester, VT.

It was a freaking windy bitter cold day. One thing about a horse trailer – if it’s windy it can be like driving a slip and slide down the road. Your goal is to try and stay between the lines and it definitely makes a three hour drive feel like six.

It was an easy close but the story leading up to it, not so much. I had been watching this property for some time and it was listed as ‘partially remodeled’ but I wasn’t really sure what that meant based on the pictures. Turns out, the owners had connected the main house to a barn which was left unfinished – dirt floor and all. And there was a bath roughed in but unfinished and many odds and ends left incomplete. Other aspects – like a bedroom above the unfinished barn – should have been done second and not first so have work that needs to be redone (that’s the worst!) The inspections went as well as they could considering we were inspecting work half finished.

BUT the oil tank was empty, and this is Vermont where it gets cold. Somehow the plumbing had to be tested in order to confirm that the pipes – including the radiant floor heating under the new wood flooring – were not bu-bu-busted. It was decided by the owners that we would just flip the switch – turn the system on and see what happened. I bought some diesel and fed the tank so we could get the furnace fired up. I am happy to report that we did NOT have gushing water come through any walls – somehow, the system was intact and functioning.

After the testing I called the oil company for a delivery so that the house would be protected until the closing. They couldn’t come until the next day so I made numerous runs with my two Diesel containers to hopefully get enough in the tank to tide us over. Luckily, I spilled some on my jeans and had to drive the three hours home with my head out the window.

Murphy’s law. The furnace had stopped again. Probably it just ran continuously, eating the fuel I’d put into it as it tried to catch up to heating the house from scratch. Que another call to the plumber (sorry guy) timed after the oil delivery.

And then another furnace fail requiring the oil company to come out and replace a couple of parts because the poor furnace had been caught in a continuous cycle of trying to turn on for who knows how long.


And so, now you understand why I was SO anxious just to get the damn day OVER WITH ALREADY!

And over it is. PHEW! Now to get the contractors lined up and begin the renovation adventure! Hopefully it will not be fraught with the same comedy of errors!

Move-in day! Well, partial anyway. Which matches the house - partially complete. This view looks from the kitchen across the 'addition' towards the barn area.

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